Monday, September 26, 2005

A Site To Make Simon Schama Weep With Joy

A man recreating the 1455 1st Battle of St Albans who has apparently forgotten to make eye holes in his helmet

And not just Schama but British history geeks like the new look Walter Mondale and myself also blubber with snotty excitement. Break out the man-made fabrics and over-excited gesticulation at vague humps of dirt in open fields, its the UK Battlefields Resource Centre!

I spent more family holidays as a child than would be allowed these days under EU regulations peering through mist and flocks of sheep at ill-defined ridge lines, trenches, defilades and so on. All the while I was trying to conjure up mental images of eagle standards and plumed helmets, sabre and cannon, barbed wire and shell hole, searchlight and aircraft noise from the north at Hadrian's Wall through Picardy, Flanders, Normandy, the Teutoburger wald, and the Mohne Dam to the south and the mole at Valetta harbour.

I wonder if the UK Battlefields Resource Centre exists in physical space, and if they would let me move in?

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