Thursday, September 01, 2005

OH Lord. He's Back.

Back, back long ago when we were fab. Breakfast at the pub.
St Albans, England. March 1996.

Welcome home to my old chum Mr. B after an extended English vacation courtesy of Uncle Sam. And he (like me) is a legal immigrant. Crivens!

The aftermath of Mr. B and Mr. W's celebration of Mr. B's 18th birthday, chez Weasel. That's Mr. B in the garish shorts.


Mondale said...

Oh my crikey!
I'm not sure where to start.
Firstly a couple of slight misfacts about your choice of pictures (but maybe I should shut up 'cos you actually chose a mildly flattering one).
Ok, here goes,
I have a feeling that the breakfast picture was earlier than 1996. By that time I had definately moved onto lager for brecky. Your picture clearly shows a packet of marly reds and real beer. That would make it around 93 or 94. Yes, in the early nineties i was almost always a pint and a smoke for breakfast type of guy.
Perhaps more importantly the legs in the shirts were certainly not mine. If i remember rightly most of my clothes ended up in the bin (oh, maybe I borrowed them from someone, crap, certain long lost memories are starting to filter back.)
Thank you Weasel for setting up such a marvellous post! We have to get together very soon.

weasel said...

You couldn't just let it lie, could you? You couln't just take the welcome home in good grace. You had to get pedantic. Oh well...your memory is worse than mine:

1) the smokes are mine, not yours- the presence of my zippo gives that away. That and that they are in front of me, and I'm smoking one of them. I didn't get that Zippo until my going away party in 1995 so;

2) I'm 99.9% certain that photo in the pub was taken on my first return visit to the UK after I moved here in 1995. The visit was in March 1996. As for what meal it was, if I recall it was closer to tea time; I was being faceatious with the brekkie thing. I think I wrote the date on the photo- I'll check.

3) I hate to quibble with you about identifying your own legs but those were a pair of my dad's swimming shorts that you borrowed. Either that or Cumpstey was wearing them for no apparent reason.

Pip pip.

Mondale said...

OK, I'll give it to ya. It's just that that shirt I'm wearing, doesn't seem right.

weasel said...

I'll concede that it is either just prior to my leaving in 1995 or spring 1996, but no earlier. Does that help you with the shirt?

jamie said...

you two are adorable.

Mondale said...

It's got to be 1995. I had my head shaved bald for the first few months of 1996.

weasel said...

Sold to the gentleman with the dirty blond hair and large jaw from Wymondham for 1995.

Or maybe its 1994? Just kidding. Hello to anyone who stopped by the nursing home to visit Bowles and me today, btw. Hello Jamie.

youthlarge said...

i would like to see a picture of bald bowles. also, what sort of beer cans are in the pyramid? i recognize the smokes and fosters in the first two rows, but the rest look like those tropical fantasy drinks they sell at the corner bodega for fifty cents and canisters of smoked almonds.

weasel said...

In no particular order; Webster's Yorkshire Bitter, Waitrose Lager (supermarket own-brand beer), Belgian 250ml lager picked up by the hand-truck load from booze-cruises to France (the booze tax is much lower) and some odd cut-rate IPA produced under license for a prominent national chain of liquor stores. This is before we realized quality could accompany quality.

weasel said...

You will of course notice that the Webster's can are marked "33% more free!"

Clokeeeey! said...

Cripes, I was going to ask "who's that chick Bowlesy is sitting next to?"
I wasn't convinced until I checked the blown up photo and saw what could be an adam's apple.

weasel said...

Well that makes sense- after Nicole, Kylie, Danni, Natalie, Elle, and Olivia left Oz you are only left with the ugly birds: Dame Edna, Alf's wife on "Home and Away" and women who apparently look like me. No whacking off to my picture Clokeeeey- this isn't "Priscilla, Queen of the Desert".

Mondale said...

clokeeey, I've had worse.

weasel said...

fair play though- I am holding my ciggie in a slightly femmy manner.