Wednesday, July 06, 2005

Pauvre Jacques, Tien...

I am not going to crow about today's decision by the IOC to award the 2012 Olympic Games to London, and I am not going to pile on the French in their hour of misery. I will instead leave that to the BBC here.

I did want to draw attention to comments by French raised NBA star Tony Parker of the San Antonio Spurs, who had been part of the Paris delegation in Singapore, and who was very downbeat after the result. He stated:

"I don't know what else we could have done. If we don't have it now, I guess we will never get it. "The IOC seems to be very pro-Anglo-Saxon."

Oh, that pro-Anglo-Saxon IOC, with their recent track record of Athens (Hellenic), Sydney (ok, Anglo-Saxon-ish), Atlanta (ok again), Barcelona (Iberian), Seoul (Korean), LA (ok, ok), Moscow (Slavic), and Montreal (French-Canadian with a soupcon of Anglo-Saxon). And let us not forget the two previous Paris summer games (1900 and 1924) and the three French winter games (lingustic pedants could also the two winter visits to St Moritz in Switzerland). Why do the French try so hard to make themselves unpleasant, even to those of us who really want to be part of a big happy European family? They way they carry on, you'd think they were Republican talk show hosts. Où est la version française de "Chariots of Fire", place aux Jeux Olympiques 1924 de Paris? Yes, I thought as much.

I shall leave it to a reader of the BBC website to extend the olive branch to our Gallic chums sur Le Manche:

"Great news for London but rather than put up our taxes to pay for it should we not ask the French to support us with a cash donation as they have nothing to spend the money on they put to one side for their Olympics? This would enable them to show solidarity with another EU member.
Harry Lewis, Stratford, England."

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Ahhh! Nothing like a political high falutin' cat fight.