Wednesday, July 06, 2005

Apocalypse Magnet Redux

Regular visitors to this humble blog might recall a series of posts in December and January around the issue of Yellow Ribbon Car Magnets. I won't recap the whole discussion but rather express my deep gratitude to my pal Richard Sassaman (hmmm... maybe I should commission a magnet to show my gratitude?) for sending me a link to this chap who writes very well on the subject and sells these wonderful things:

Of course we know that not all magnets are made in China, Micah from Magnet America told us so, but we do know that all are sold for at least some degree of profit.

(P.S: New maniacal contrarian war on inanity tactic emerges from fevered Weasel brain: I am going to send off for a selection of Army and Marines recruiting brochures and pop one under the windshield wiper of any Hummer H2 or H3 I spot, adding a post-it to the effect of 'if you want to drive a real humvee call the number on this pamphlet. If not, stop pretending you are General Patton, jet-ski mullet boy.' Hopefully this will piss off a few knuckle dragging mesh tank topped morons* in their tonka yellow abominations.)

*And that's just the women who drive them

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Debbie said...

Weael,brilliant idea for the Humvee jerks! It would be awesome if your prank got on the evening news exposing the mullets to unsuspecting environmentalist around the world. Can you imagine?