Tuesday, July 12, 2005

An Army of Wuss

US military based in England react to the news of the London bombings

And we have the nerve to call the French surrender monkeys and cowards? I know the Lord Above decreed that an American life is worth 10 times that of any other nationality and that the potential death of just one volunteer member of the military during a time of conflict is cause in and of itself to preemptively bomb up to five Iraqi or Afghan weddings, but come on! What a bunch of big babies.

From the BBC: "The US military has rescinded an order to its personnel to avoid London in the aftermath of the bombings. Personnel, most of them from US Air Force units at RAF Mildenhall and RAF Lakenheath, in Suffolk, were told last week not to go within the M25 motorway.

But there was criticism that it sent out the wrong signals at a time when the emphasis was on "business as usual" in London after the attacks. The US embassy said the order had been reviewed and had now been lifted.

The Commander of US Forces in Europe, General James L. Jones, based at Mons in Belgium, said in a statement: "[We have] lifted all travel restrictions for US personnel stationed in the United Kingdom. "While all personnel are encouraged to be vigilant, we cannot allow ourselves to be intimidated by the acts of terrorists. All US personnel are encouraged to continue with their normal routine."

The US air force had said the order had been made in the interests of the safety of its personnel.

But speaking outside Lakenheath, Major General Michael Gould of the US air force, said: "Our hearts and souls go out to the victims and their families on behalf of the some 75,000 Americans who live and work here in the United States air force in Europe. We're truly sorry, we feel badly for you all and we will continue to stand side by side you as partners in the war on terror."

(British) Defence Secretary John Reid told BBC News he had been "trying to get to the bottom of this".

Lieutenant Gloria Smith, based at RAF Mildenhall, said: "It's just a prudent measure, it's normal procedure any time there's such an incident. Our presence in Great Britain is our voice of saying we stand with the British people. We have a long historic relationship and we will stay here to stand by the British people."

They just won't stand too close.


Listmaker said...

if an american person's life is worth ten times as much as a person from any other country, then derek jeter is clearly god.

weasel said...

Should anything happen to Jeter, it would be like a terrorist giving the Statue of Liberty a dirty sanchez. Such an outrage would not go unpunished; should Jeter be harmed in any way, Carlos Delgado will be publicly shot.

Mondale said...

You are all so very special, that's why I love you. All of you.