Wednesday, May 11, 2005

Throw Another Clam on The Bake, The Cabots are Popping Round

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Ahh, sometimes I forget how good I have it just by virtue of luck and geography. There are idiots who move to Maine from away and spend a million dollars to buy an acre of coastline while I can meander through town to Camden Hills State Park and see it for free. Or I can go visit Mrs. Weasel's mother up in Bar Harbor and after living there for 8 years find the perfect tourist-free hidden cove for lunch. And my free access to iconic American coastline does not stop at the Piscataqua Bridge and the New Hampshire border: this weekend we are off to Cape Cod to visit Mrs. Weasel's father, The Very Reverend Liberal Thunderer. I must say I get a warm feeling everytime I think about the upcoming visit; we haven't seen the Thunderer and Sonja in an age, and the dogs will be glad to see their Massachusetts' counterparts; and in my minds eye I have images of me and Mrs. Weasel walking sandy beaches as the dune roses begin to bloom, breathing salt marsh air, and eating al fresco off checkered blankets. Of course, it is forecast to rain and the traffic will be hellacious, but one can dream. Now, if only I can get the Norwich vs. Fulham game projected on the drive-in screen in Wellfleet my weekend will be complete...


Jim said...

Enjoy your trip to the Cape. You'll probably find this hard to believe, but having lived all but five years of my four decades in New England, I've never been to the Cape.

That will all change next Thursday as I'll be on the Cape, watching the Northeast College Baseball Div. Three Regionals and my son's team in Harwich.

What denomination does "the liberal thunderer" belong to? It's an odd time in America to be a member of the liberal fraternity of clergy. Reminds me alot of the roarin' 20's and 30's, when the fundamentalists were a similar looney lot, with the likes of J. Frank Norris in Fort Worth (shooting to kill his enemies), Aimee Semple McPherson (she of the faked disappearance and lover's tryst), and William Jennings Bryan and the infamous Scopes Monkey Trial.

I'd love to chat with "TLT" about these things and his take on religion in America.

weasel said...

TLT is a United Methodist eco-warrior old time labor movement vicar.

Jim said...

I often wonder what happened to so much of liberal protestantism in America? Henry Emerson Fosdick at the great Riverside Church in NYC, then William Sloane Coffin, MLK and others during the 60's.

Now, it's Jerry Falwell and Pat Robertson and the other unholy charlatans.

I haven't darkened the door of a church in quite some time, but if I did, it would be to hear someone like "TLT".