Wednesday, May 11, 2005

As of 7:30pm Eastern on Wednesday, Norwich are Still in the Premiership

Of course, they haven't played the last game of the season yet. As Walter Mondale notes, this week is a little stressful for fans of the humble and plucky Canaries. "Survival Sunday" sees four teams in a race to claim the last place in the English Premier League. Only two points seperate last from 17th and survival and with a win worth 3 points and a draw/tie worth 1 we are all dependent on other teams' misfortune to claim our spot in the sun for next year. Come Sunday night, one town will celebrate, three others will prepare for life in the low-rent world of the Football League Championship next season. In England, political and sporting collapses are cruel and speedy. Inshallah, the maths and the results will go our way for once and Norwich will escape by the skin of our teeth. It has to be left to fate and luck, as unless something magical happens the closest I'll get to having any say over our fate will be confined to modelling it on this:
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Anonymous said...

To everyone out there in the great computer beyond- Please, no matter how much he begs, do not give Weasel the Norwich City computer game. There is a reason he isn't allowed games - he's lucky to be allowed time on the computer. The future of his coupledom - in turn his health and well being - depends on him having few mindless activities to participate in. Thanks, Mrs. Weasel.

Mondale said...

Was that? like? a direct request aimed at me?

Listmaker said...

Thank for the tip, Mrs. Weasel, I've just figured out what to bring as a gift if I end up visiting this summer!