Thursday, May 05, 2005

Final Update

CSPAN cut away from coverage just as things were getting interesting. It's like the time in 2002 that our local ABC affiliate decided to pre-empt the World Cup final with an infommercial. Bastards.
Well, Norfolk South stayed Tory, Norwich and Ipswich stayed Labour, and no news yet as I prepare for bed on St Albans. Rural Cambridgeshire and Suffolk are pretty much true blue Conservative as always.
The big news on a confusing night is that the Tories are mounting a modest resurgence against the big target of a sitting Labour government- bad news for immigrants and sensible reality based politics I fear. The Liberal Democrats are on course for their biggest slice of seats since Lloyd George lead the once great party of Victorian government into genteel decline in the twenties. More and better analysis can be found here:
BBC Results Page


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