Wednesday, April 06, 2005

Apparently the Force Causes Asthma and Acne

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Time to take a break for a second from dying fundamentalists, politics, baseball, baseball, baseball, and baseball as Friend Richard has just sent me a link to the story of the century.

From the bloggingLA site: Star Wars Line Update
"Since I know everyone is dying to find out what's going on with the Star Wars line I've taken it upon myself to read through the entire thread at as well as call them several times now and here's the facts of the moment:
1) The Star Wars line is still outside of Graumans.
2) Graumans has confirmed that Star Wars will not be playing at Graumans.
3) Arclight has confirmed that Star Wars will be playing at Arclight.
4) The Star Wars line is pissed because they think Star Wars should be at Graumans, not at Arclight, so they are not moving the line in protest.
5) They also don't see any reason to move the line, because someone who logs onto the Arclight website will have just as much chance to get good seats as they will waiting outside for a month and a half.
6) Arclight is trying to convince the Star Wars line to move to Arclight because, well, the movie is actually playing there and not at the theater they are waiting at.
7) The Star Wars nerds in line are nothing is they aren't determined and are refusing to move the line.
8) There's talk of trying to get Graumans to have a single midnight showing of the movie for charity (between you and me, that's NEVER going to happen).
9) No word from Graumans how they feel about a line of people outside of their theater for a movie they won't be showing."

Boy, are these folks going to be pissed off when they realize Lucas pulls a big switcharoo and makes Jar Jar Binks into Darth Vader.

If you want to stare in rapt fascination at a bunch of people whose obbessions and compulsive behaviors are even wierder and esoteric than our own, the people standing on line to watch the next Star Wars episode have their very own full service website here, at

If only we could find away to unite the Trekkies, Star Wars Geeks, and those troubling Tolkien people who have their ears surgically reshaped we might have a chance at a vital political opposition in this country. Totally insane and filled with fantasies but different from the Democrats by being vital.


youthlarge said...

but if they're standing in line, how will they make it to toys r us to pick up a darth tater?

weasel said...

I smell a merchandise handcart opportunity! Move aside, Ignatius J Reilley