Tuesday, February 01, 2005

Well Maybe This One "Hates Us For Our Freedom"

Ole Listmaker has fired his opening salvo in what I think will be an interesting debate among those of us on the left around the impact of the Iraqi elections, and rather good it is too as he gropes his way towards the maddening Holy Grail we all seek; a consitent non-contradictory position on Iraq that can be explained in 20 words or less. The Republicans have that (except for the consistent, non-cointradictory position bit).

Further to the subject, the elections seem to have gone fairly well (at least away from the Sunni triangle) not least I would argue because the UN rather than the US oversaw the timetable and the procedure. Mr Bush is keeping quiet about that, but once again when multilateralism is involved (quiet pressure in Ukraine and earlier in Georgia, Tsunami relief, East Timor, post-war Afghanistan- although I am still a little leery about that one- etc) things seem to go well. On the other hand, headlong solo charges shouting "Follow me!" have the same level of success they had at Antietam or the Somme.

But to the main topic of this post; an epic monologue from the man that is often (misleadingly) called the leader of Al Qadea in Iraq, Abu Mus'ab Al-Zarqawi. You'll laugh, you'll cry, you'll be freaked out by how much he sounds like Jerry Falwell. Ladies (veiled please, infidel vixens) and gentlemen, here he is! The Mullah of mirth, the irony free Imam, the jesting Jihadi, "Giggles" Al-Zaqawi!!!!!!!!

Zarqawi and other Islamists to the Iraqi People: Elections and Democracy are Heresy
"Democracy is based on the principle of freedom of religion and belief. Under democracy, a man can believe anything he wants and choose any religion he wants and convert to any religion whenever he wants, even if this apostasy means abandoning the religion of Allah… This is a matter which is patently perverse and false and contradicts many specific [Muslim] legal texts, since according to Islam, if a Muslim apostatizes from Islam to heresy, he should be killed, as stated in the Hadith reported by Al-Bukhari and others: 'Whoever changes his religion, kill him.' It does not say 'leave him alone.'

"One may not make a [peace] treaty with an apostate, nor grant him safe passage or protection. According to Allah's religion, he has only one choice: 'Repent or be killed.'

This guy is a laugh riot! Oh and by the way, Mrs. Weasel and I got engaged on Saturday. Thought I'd slip that into an entry on religious fundamentalism to see if anyone reads to the bottom.


Listmaker said...

i'm glad you clarified. sometimes you've referred to mrs. weasel as your girlfriend rather than your wife but you always refer to her as mrs.

i guess the british really do things differently.

weasel said...

"Ms. Weasel" doesn't have the same ring to it.

Mondale said...

Shucks, yer got me with the whole "does anybody read my entries to the end" bit.
Even though you told me yesterday on the phone i would like to extend my fraternal congratulations to comrade bookham and the lovely jessie and your dogs.
Ms TRDOWM and I look forward to extending some good ole fashioned brooklyn hospitality very soon as well as maybe coming a'visiting sometime in May.
If married life makes you half as happy and the missus and kitten and me then you'll be pretty well set!

Debbie said...

I have to confess that I didn't read through your entire post. I usually do. It was during the school day when RDOWM happily read it aloud.