Monday, January 31, 2005

Thick Boy

Here's Harry's Dad Charlie pretending to be a decorated veteran (his mum gives him medals for his birthday, bless)

I decided against comment here on the recent furore over Prince Harry and his Nazi costume, but thought I would share this from the British satire magazine Private Eye which sums it all up (including the reaction) rather nicely (photos and captions are of my own choosing however, reflecting my rather ham-fisted approach and why I didn't bother to write anything):


A dim young man did something stupid yesterday which he then regretted. (Reuters)
Timetable of disaster – the tragic event that shook the world
6.37pm: Harry receives phone call from Rupert saying he’s going to Bingo’s bash as a Zulu, which is going to be “a bloody good laugh”.
6.39pm: Harry rings Tasha who says she’s going as “a Chav” and it’ll be “a hoot”.
6.41pm: Jiggy rings to say that she is going as a “Penguin”, which will be “bloody funny”.
6.43pm: Prince William announces that he is going as “a lion”. No one thinks this is “a scream” at all.
6.45pm: Harry rings ‘Stupid Costumes ’R Us’ to find that Pongo has taken the last Ku Klux Klan outfit. “Bastard!”
6.48pm: Harry has brainstorming session.
7.48pm: Brainstorming session fails to yield results.
7.50pm: Harry goes to costume shop  to see what’s left. He chooses famous “Sound of Music outfit”. Tells Stiffy, “This’ll be legend.”
8.43pm: Harry arrives at Bingo’s dressed as Nazi. Chorus of “Boffo fancy dress, Hazza, you da man!”
8.53pm: Barfhead’s mate, Bogbrush, takes picture of Harry on mobile phone and sends to Sun newspaper.
8.59pm: Queen abdicates, as monarchy ends.

Here he is again, dressing up as a paratrooper despite having actually served in the Royal Navy

Exclusive to all papers


BRITAIN’s monarchy was today plunged into its worst-ever crisis, as fury mounted over the horrifying pictures that have stunned the world.
It is hard to recall a cataclysmic blunder of such proportions, which could well spell the end of the thousand-year rule of the House of Windsor.

Across the nation a sense of white-hot outrage swept through the entire population, as more and more voices joined the tide of protest.
Among the groups we contacted in the hope that they would be outraged were army veterans, Holocaust victims and OAPs who had lived through the Blitz.
Their verdict was unanimous. “We can’t see what the fuss is about,” they said.

YOU DECIDE! What should be done to the Nazi prince?

Should he:

A) be forced to make a public apology from the balcony of Buckingham Palace?

B) be strung up?

C) attend counselling sessions with Dr Germaine Greer?

Not realizing it was a costume party Chaz saves his bacon at the last minute by grabbing a pint and going as "a common person"

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