Thursday, January 06, 2005

Simon Pegg, Comedy Superhero?

Step Aside Citizen, its Man Man

I left England before the much acclaimed TV show Spaced came on the air so my first encounter with comedian Simon Pegg was via the brilliant Sean of the Dead. I was listening to BBC digital radio over the ole interweb the other day, and the aforementioned Mr. Pegg was a guest on a game show. Asked to come up with a superhero, he provided two; Man Bat (a bat who dresses in an ill-fitting human costume and fights crime with his sidekick Wonder the Boy Robin) and this one, a superhero who almost had me spitting oatmeal on my keyboard in drawers wetting laughter:

"Man man: a man who was bitten by a radioactive man and who now has the powers of a man."



Listmaker said...

i liked sean of the dead.

and i'm sorry bowles but i was less than impressed with the few episodes of spaced that i watched.

Mondale said...

Weasel, I can't believe you never saw 'Spaced'. if you can answer the following questions correctly then you will find the complete first season dvd on it's way to you.
Does your computer play UK dvds?
Would you like to watch the first season of 'Spaced'?
If all goes well i will send you season 2 as soon as my coworker returns it.
I know listmaker didnt like it but that's what makes him special. He has put things my way that i didnt like and vice versa, such is the true glory of life.