Tuesday, December 21, 2004

Return of the (Ginger) Jedi

Christmas truly is a wonderful time, and to prove it this December marks the long-overdue return to the blogosphere of Dave Stelfox.

The Doive is both an old friend of mine and one of the most heralded experts in the realm of underground and caribbean dance music. Mere words cannot do justice to his range and scope and I guarantee that you'll learn something everytime you visit his site. Like with all good educators you won't even notice the knowledge seeping into your cranium, but your world will be mysteriously richer for the reading. Find him here (and in the links bar): Breaking Ranks

Talking of good educators, Listmaker (a friend of a friend down in Brooklyn)is doing his best today to drive away the 10 degree temps here in the northeast and return us to the simpler days of summer and the magic of baseball.

Last but not least, fellow Face Magazine correspondent Jim Baumer had some kind things to say about my various typings and scribblings, and I'm very glad to report that I can return the favor not through obligation but through admiration for his work. Find Jim here: Write For You and here: Finding Words

Toodle pip!

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