Wednesday, November 24, 2004

Even Better Than The Real Thing....

Hooray! The new U2 album hit the stores yesterday and its firmly on the Weasel household's shopping list.

I am one of the rare "reverse U2 fans"; I couldn't get my head around their pompous, humorless stadium 'rawk' of the 1980s (with the exception of a secret appreciation of New Year's Day, Pride and Sunday Bloody Sunday) but once they loosened up and unleashed Achtung Baby I found myself warming to them. VH1 Megahits had a U2 video marathon last night, even digging deep in to the less than stellar secondary songs on Pop and it made me quite happy that those three Irishmen and one Englishman have stuck together and kept going. I have to say they were rather splendid on Saturday Night Live last week, as anyone who stayed up until the end was treated to an impromptu concert that sadly was cut short by our local NBC affiliate's pressing need to show Dangerous Minds for all the drunk UMO education students out there.

I have one question though: is it just me or is the video for new single Vertigo a heartfelt cry against the injustice and mess that follows when you drop a laser printer toner cartridge? I'm sure I've had that effect stream off my back courtesy of a HP Laserjet 1200 mishap.

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