Sunday, November 07, 2004


First, belated post election analysis: oh bugger.

Second post election thought: I really should badger my buddy Mark about allowing me to post our immediate post-election coverage.

Third post election thought: you really should check out the Random Doubts of Walter Mondale (see links bar) to witness a sleeping giant awake.

Fourth post election thought: OK, now I really need to apply myself to the long planned reconsideration of the Central Asian "Great Game" before that nut in the White House makes the pessimistic analysis of the Arabian Gulf and South Asia reactive rather than proactive.

And for regulars; please note the new look: I've tried to update the Weasel in order to make it more visitor friendly. To that end, a new colour scheme and a better organised links bar; a different font and the ability to email a post that either you particularly care for or despise to friends and family. You do need to do your bit too however; your comments, however brief or facile are welcome and take a second to click through my sponsors' ad(s) at the top of the page so that I can keep this thing up and running. If you disable pop-ups, let the page load then toggle right back, and generally consider these ads as defraying the cost of subscriptions, ISP, and books you'll be of great assistance.

As for those who think the American center and left has been beaten, let me dip into (and subvert) the Bard:

"Once more into the breach dear friends, and fill the breach with our liberal dead."

Allons y, les revolutionaires.

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