Tuesday, November 09, 2004

The Blues Say Sorry

My friends Mike and Sally, committed Democrats living out in Montana (and to quote former representative Pat Schroeder of Colorado, a pair of "blueberries floating in tomato juice") have been proud leaders of the "chin up, keep fighting" brigade since the calamity of November 2. I suppose given their geographical location they are genetically predisposed to bravely smiling at a hostile universe, like abolitionists in the antebellum south. Still, amid their flurry of rallying emails concerning voter fraud, media bias, and plans for the future they can be permitted to pause and reflect for a moment on the magnitude of the Bush 'victory' and its meaning for the world.

To that end, Mike very kindly forwarded this URL hosting a collection of apologies from a smattering of the half of the population who believe in reality based solutions and therefore didn't vote for the Church Deacon-in-Chief:

Sorry Everybody

As for those on the right out there who feel that this is just another display of lily-livered-namby-pamby-hate-America-first-sensitive-war-on-terror-gaylord-New England-tasty-coffee-lovin'-pinko-francophile-freedom-trashin'-college-goin'-evolution-believin'-sex-enjoyin'-Satan-huggin'-not-coming-togetherness, I have an apology of my own:

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