Tuesday, July 06, 2004

The Phoney War is Coming to an End

BBC NEWS | Americas | Kerry picks Edwards for US race

John Edwards versus Dick Cheney in debate; that should be delicious. It'll be like watching James Bond fight Goldfinger.

I don't know what it is about Edwards. I just like the guy (a vague feeling probably shared by many, hence the pick, n'est pas.) Normally he''d be a bit too right wing for my tastes (mind you, so is Kerry) but its one of those situations. Reminds me of when France decided to hold their noses and vote for Chirac to keep Le Pen and the fascist National Front out of office. And of course, there is a really good reason to vote Kerry, namely Bush lied to us:

Blair Says WMDS 'May Never Be Found'

Nothing like a series of lies that have caused untold human misery and death.

Anyway, Edwards is one of those Clintonian southern dudes who grins, preens, and is chameleon-like enough to charm rednecks, snake handlers, and daughters of the confederacy while not freaking out us northern liberals. Add to that Kerry's drive for Gladstone-like gravitas and its a healthy ticket. Lets just hope that in this bizzare moral climate (stealing money from your company/employees/taxpayers=good, getting some/cussing/seeing boobies=bad) Johnny E doesn't have a penchant for hairdressers, lounge singers, interns, or cigars.

Now if only reporters will stop calling Senator Kerry "Senator Kennedy" to camera...

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