Friday, July 02, 2004

History Friday

At a time when President Bush the Republican Party are trying to add the first amendment to the US constitution that actively seeks to limit someone's human and civil rights, remember this great anniversary on History Friday:

1964: Johnson Signs Civil Rights Act

Compare the actions of Johnson, a Southern Democrat who faced immense pressure from within his own base to defer on civil rights, to those of George W. Bush. George wants a constitutional amendment banning gay marriages, even while he promotes heterosexual weddings as a cure all for society's ills. Monogamous, committed relationships with legally protected property rights sounds like a very conservative idea to me, regardless of who wants to wed. The only real difference between a straight and gay wedding is in the number of people who giggle and smirk every time the celebrant says "ring."

Frankly, those who claim that letting gays marry would mark the end of society are morons (and thus by their own logic, should be neutered to prevent them soiling the gene pool.) Remember, these people are the anti-evolution lobby, they believe that Jesus would have supported capital punishment despite that terminal mix-up with Barabas, and under their breath they are probably still muttering about inter-racial dating.

I support the rights of gay people; not as special rights but as an everyday right to be equal. I feel however there are a few more important issues in the world: poverty, hunger, religious extremism, terrorism, corporate power grabs et al that each side needs to focus on. So Bush, be compassionate like you said in your campaign literature. Tell your moronic followers not to be so stupid; they are Republicans and like that kind of leadership. Gay yuppie wedding petitioners; congratulations on the Massachusetts decision, and good luck with the rest of the country. Now how about using your formidable lobbying and campaigning skills fighting harder for social justice for others at the same time?

Anyway, for more information on what you can do to prevent the constitutional enshrinement of hatred and fear: Human Rights Campaign

And for something completely different and fun courtesy of my friend Richard, here is a contentious and interesting look at the soundrack from the decade when Mick Jagger decided to be gay for a while, the 1970s

Happy Fourth of July: don't forget the message of the revolution!

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