Sunday, June 21, 2009

Hot child in the city

A few days back I had occasion to visit New York on work bid'nez. I double up with some visitin' time: thanks Coveting, Unwellness, Listo, Youthlarge, Apes, and Kaci!

My pod

Why I was there- the location of a work function that seemed part 'Land of the Lost', part 'Wall Street', part 'Night at the Roxbury'.


A peregrine falcon (a touch of home) on the New York skyline.

Casa da Apes y Kaci. I want a ship at the end of my street.

Proof I was in Brooklyn being a tourist.

And why not?

The view from Youthlarge and Listo's apartment. Someone buy it from them: they need a second bedroom more than a skyline.

Happy parents (although you can see he has a cold, poor dear)...

.. and awesome infants! Hi Sam and Otis.

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