Saturday, April 04, 2009

work life balance

I can't believe I missed the grand national on this blog. First time since I started. Bah.


kristin said...

I won. It was awesome.

Mondale said...

I was in the garden this afternoon and I thought to myself, "Ummm, Weasel hasn't mentioned the National this year, he must be really busy".

A little later I was walking through town with the wee Hen and we observed some drunk, fat people stumbling out of pubs moaning about donkeys and fences and stuff.

Then I realised that I had rather overlooked the matter myself.

What is to become of this world, these times when a gentleman can neglect such matters?

Margaret Evans Porter said...

I wondered when you'd notice your dreadful omission. But I was too polite to point it out to you.