Sunday, March 08, 2009

Sporting Dream Could be a Nightmare

For much of my life I have harboured a hope that the three English football teams most important to my family- Norwich City, Leyton Orient, and Brentford- would play in the same division. I just didn't want it to be the old 3rd division. Bah.

Come on Norwich, pull out another improbable victory over relegation from the jaws of the defeat. The only other way to avoid this meeting of the teams is for Orient to get relegated themselves, and that's hardly the positive outcome one would hope for.


Mondale said...

We're fuckin fucked pal, I mean, we can all see the iceberg yet it's full steam ahead, we've heard the rumours, seen pictures, hell, I've even been to some 'Third division' games whilst I was a student and trying to be ironic, it's an amusing place to visit but there's no way in hell you'd want to live there.

we're doomed.

Mondale said...

I'd like to withdraw my first comment and replace it with a sotto voce 'we might just get away with it this time'.