Monday, August 25, 2008

An Open Letter to Senator Susan Collins, (R, Maine)

Dear Senator Collins;

Last summer I called your office to alert your staff to an unfair telephone "push poll" campaign that unjustly smeared you as an advocate of illegal immigration in an attempt to make me to call your office and attack you for voting for decent, and American, immigration reform. Even though I indentify with the Democrats I felt this national attack was unworthy of Maine politics and felt it only fair to inform your office of the harm that was being inflicted on you by Bush/McCain Republicans in the name of electoral expediency.

I remember the call well as it came in on the day my daughter was born. As an immigrant myself I knew you played fair, and on the important issues of fairness you stood by your word. My little girl deserves strong role models who stand for what is right and true in the face of expediency and the soft way out. It is why she is named Scout Charlotte- after Jean-Louise from To Kill a Mockingbird and the wise and compassionate spider from Maine's own Charlotte's Web. Senator Collins, she may not bear your name but she should bear your spirit as an independent and fair self-made Maine woman.

Therefore would you please condemn in the strongest possible terms the hateful advertisments being run against Tom Allen, your Senate opponent, that outright lie and claim he opposes secret ballots in union elections? Your integrity means a lot to me as a new American, to my wife as a Mainer who can trace her roots in this state back to the 18th century, and to my aforementioned 14 month old daughter. One day I would like to point you out to Scout, your portrait hung alongside the one of Margaret Chase Smith in the statehouse, and ask her to think of you with pride, not shame.

Wisdom Weasel


KayInMaine said...

Sen. Susan Collins is a very lopsided person for sure. But! She needs those lies against Tom Allen because she knows she can't talk about her voting record (80%+ in favor of George Bush's policies) or this:

Jim said...

I don't know what it is this election year. Are the candidates all really horrid, or is it I'm more aware of the minutia of government because I have to butt up alongside it more than I'm comfortable doing in my day job?

I promise I won't lapse into nostalgia, as you've called me on in the past.

I will say, however that I long for some integrity from some of the leaders, Republican, or Democrat, from the past.

Recalling the memory of Margaret Chase Smith reminds me of just one former champion that maintained her integrity long after she left her hometown of Skowhegan, for the corridors of power.