Friday, May 16, 2008

Recipe Corner

Dear snack addicts;

Here's a scrummy and simple self-assembly sandwich cookie that gives a sort of satanic twist on the concept of PB and J. This does have a nutty, preservey essence but- woo- lets give it a spin off axis.

You will need the following:

Open the Goya cookies- remove two from the package. Spread one with nutella. Spread the other with orange marmalade. Press together, not forgetting to lick the excess oozage from the sides of the cookie sandwich.

Nutty, dark chocolatey, bittersweet orangey goodness. Enjoy.

(PS: Over at the Newbie Blog, the child eats, moves laundry, and dances while the Weasel speaks!)


Rikki said...

Is "Goya Maria" a relative of Virgin Mary, or merely a nickname for her used only in certain predominently Jewish circles?

Anyway, I look forward to tasting her cookies or whatever.

The Mole said...

Back in the UK, this is called a stale Jaffa cake.

BTW, on a similar theme remember making bacon and marmalade sarnies?

Were you not Cavell's expert at them?

weasel said...

Rick- whereas a nut-tella can read your future in your balls.

Moley- I was ahead of my time with the creation of bold flavour profiles. I do believe that the microgastronomists were inspired by my early work.

msdee said...

I'm a city girl and hubby is from the mountains of puerto Rico and for years he searched for maria cookies. He owuld mention the cookies to me and I had no idea what he was talking about assuming it was some kind of a mountain people food LOL
One day I found them in the Goya section of our supermarket and saw they were actually called maria cookies. He almost cried when I handed him the package. He ate them a lot as a child.
I asked him why they are called Maria cookies and he had no idea.
He told me to google it.