Tuesday, April 01, 2008

Where I Live

Ahh, rural Maine:

Police Arrest Unity Woman Found Hiding in Suitcase
....Cindy Petterson, 32, of Unity, was not the individual police were originally searching for when they arrived at her residence at 620 Town Farm Road, according to Chief Deputy Bob Keating.

Keating said the Waterville Police Department contacted the sheriff’s department around 9:15 p.m. Saturday asking for help in executing a search warrant at 620 Town Farm Road. They were looking for 18-year-old Matthew R. McDougal, who was a suspect in the theft of a woman’s purse at a Waterville shopping center.

Deputies Dale Brown and Dan Thompson met the Waterville officers at Petterson’s rented mobile home, a place Keating said McDougal was known to have sometimes stayed.....Detective Matt Curtis came to the scene and drafted a search warrant. People at the residence were asked again about Petterson’s whereabouts, and were told again she was not there and had gone to her mother’s.

After the second search warrant was obtained, Thompson began searching in the bedroom. He noticed a number of boxes in the closet, and also saw three suitcases in there. When Thompson pulled the biggest one out and opened it he found Petterson inside, said Keating.

It was clear to Thompson that Petterson could not have gotten into the suitcase without assistance, and it appeared she had been in there for two-and-a-half to three hours said Keating. She reportedly refused to get out of the suitcase, however, and told officers, “Don’t touch me.”

Keating said the officers “had to use some force” to subdue Petterson and place her in handcuffs. She had half a 500 milligram Hydrocodone pill in her pocket, according to Keating.

...Petterson was arrested, charged with possession of scheduled drugs, possession of stolen property and violation of her bail conditions. She also had an outstanding arrest warrant for unpaid fines and fees (totaling $440) on previous charges of operating while her license was suspended or revoked and operating after her registration was suspended....

I have to give a work presentation to their Rotary Club in a couple of weeks. I wonder if I should spring from a suitcase to the left of the lectern for dramatic effect?


mainelife said...

Lordy....although this cast of characters we share space with is a large part of what I love most about Maine. Now as for Rotary Club? Go for it. I'll be checking Village Soup for their report on the event.

the blue state blogger said...

"I wonder if I should spring from a suitcase to the left of the lectern for dramatic effect?"

It only works if you've got some schedule II's with you.