Wednesday, April 09, 2008

Its That Time of Year Again

Bill Norris, the man who put the sex in Tex Mex, is a Yankees fan. I am a Red Sox fan. For a couple of years now, we have been operating under the following rules throughout the baseball season whenever the Sox and Yankees meet:

"So, I propose some sort of bet, to be played out here and in his own pages. Not anything of monetary consequence, as I am poor and he's soon to be betrothed, but rather something visual, to be blogged, a picture perhaps, of Wisdom sporting an "I Heart Jeter" shirt should the Yankees win the series and something equally mortifying to me in these pages should the unthinkable happen and the Red Sox win.

Then, as the season progresses, we can continue this, in the spirit of good natured ribbing and mutual mortification.

I'm willing to take suggestions on the terms, keeping in mind that the embarrassing gesture need be: a) cheap, b) easily blogged and c) funny."

This Friday the 2007 World Series champion Boston Red Sox meet the team that couldn't beat Cleveland for the first time this season. Its a three game series and by Sunday night either Bill or myself will have egg on our faces.

I already have a forfeit on hand (thanks to BioChris's eagle eyes) but both Bill and I feel the challenge needs a shake up. So we are soliciting suitable punishments from you all. If you follow the "betting" tag you'll see what we have done in the past. Be creative and keep it legal in Texas.

On to Friday, and victory!


Robert said...

Play ball. I'm curious as to the forfeit?

Did we miss one?

the blue state blogger said...

You could make him listen to Gerry Callahan until his ears bled. He could force you to read the Post.

Bill Norris said...

I'll take a nice two hitter any day. What's the deal with the forfeit? Did I not follow through on something?

weasel said...

"forfeit" in the British English usage of 'prize' inflicted on losing party, not as in the American English "team didn't show up".