Friday, March 28, 2008

The Jairmans Bombed Me Chip Shop

Look Hans! The Assembly Rooms!

According to the BBC, a former German Luftwaffe pilot is going to do the old "Oops! My Bad" to the English city of Bath for dropping high explosives on it during the Second World War:

WWII pilot to apologise to city

Do you get the sense that some parts of British society are still having a hard time moving on from 1939-45? As for myself, I would much rather the Germans apologise for this:


Mondale said...

Oh please? Why is everyone so down on the lovely Germans?

Looks sideways, pauses for breath.

When I lived in Bath (1992-1999) I lived in a house that had suffered a direct hit in the aforementioned raids. It had been nicely rebuilt. The central heating was iffy.

Mondale said...

And before you ask, yes I am a bloody expert on Bath. At least Bath between 1992-1999.

Mondale said...

And thinking about it, they could have done a lot worse than bomb the sodding chip shop, at least the one at the south end of Moorland Road, it gave me food poisoning, but don't confuse it with the one in the middle of Moorland road which was a great chippy even though it was owned by the grumpiest old bastard in Christendom. Good chips though.

weasel said...

I can forgive them the blitz; the Goombay Dance Band not so much.

That said, you can't feel too bad for the Germans: while we got iconoclastic musicians they got the ability to make reliable cars. While talented and inspirational beyond measure, the Beatles alas never provided the highest living standards in Europe to whole factories of unionised assembly line workers.