Sunday, February 17, 2008

A Boot to the Balkans

Ladies and gents, be upstanding for the newest (and crappiest) of all the superheroes, Captain Kosovo

Pity the nation, for 'tis the place that launched the career of pained troubadour James Blunt.


Mondale said...

Forget Iraq, now we're really all doomed.

Mark said...

I heard a report about this yesterday where a Kosovan guy was saying that if weren't for Serbia that they would be just like America (I'm assuming that he means economically, rather than saying that they would have invaded somewhere in the middle east by now too).

Contrast this with a commentator from B92 (Serbian radio) talking about the desire in Serbia to keep Kosovo - he suggests that they should wrap Kosovo in a $100 note, leave it in the road and hope that someone picks it up. You might guess that he's not opposed to independence..

weasel said...

I'd really love to know why Britain has to stick its beak in and get all EU solidarity-like on this of all issues.

God luck to all of them, I say. I've had enough of '-isms" and just want to go and live in a well appointed cave.