Wednesday, January 30, 2008

You're Welcome

On behalf of the defunct yet still poisonous British Empire, I would like to offer a big "no problem, our pleasure" to the rest of the world for ugly emergence of tribal strife in the false construct of Kenya. Just add it to the pile of Palestine/Israel, Kashmir, Afghanistan, Pakistan, Iraq, and many other countries and regions created out of whole cloth in a back room of the Foreign & Commonwealth Office withought thought to ethnic or regional faultlines, or deliberately buggered up by withdrawing imperial administrators.

We might even be better than the French at this blowback business. By comparison to us and Johnny Frog the Americans are real rookies at this unintended consequences malarkey.


mainelife said...

Do you think it will take us a century to match your abilities? Or more? We're pretty quick studies at this stuff, or so it seems.

Anonymous said...

Hey, look what we did for the indigenous people of North America! We're off to a great start, now if we're stupid enough to elect McCain or Clinton we can be assured of catching up.

Mondale said...

Dammit Sir,

I've had just about enough of your pinko nonsense.
There are some pretty bloody simple reasons for al the strife.

They are foreign, we are not.

The language man, the language. How on earth can we be understood?

The heat. So awfully, awfully hot, how on earth can anyone stay calm?

It's all terribly noisy and frightfully far away.

weasel said...

Ladies and gentlemen, I present the Duke of Edinburgh posing as Mondale.