Monday, January 21, 2008

In Brief....


Gosh, aren't we all busy? Why yes, yes we are. I of course am no exception to this general busy-ness trend and despite constant promises to myself and others that I will blog more and slump exhaustedly on the couch less, I am afraid I have being doing far too much of the latter. Must be the weather. And the 7 month old who is far too much fun to play with (see figure a).

Figure A- Weaselette in a sturdy bag. From the other blog.

Anyway, a few thoughts before I'm off away to the kitchen to desecrate some channa dhal with some fried prawns:

On their dashboard page, Blogger proudly says:

"We are excited to announce that Blogger is now available in three more languages: Arabic, Hebrew, and Persian!"

Right there, the key to peace in the middle east. With blogging now available in their native tongues, Israelis, Palestinians, Iranians, et al will no longer be able to see to squabble and fight as their heads will be up their own asses, like the rest of us bloggers. No katusha rockets today- all of Hamas are too busy flaming each other in the comments of a post about a random bit of gossip about Mahmoud al-Zahar's beard trimming technique. Genius.

I hope the writer's strike ends soon so that Rob Riggle can get back to work on The Daily Show and no longer has to make those unbelievably awful Budweiser commercials. I had no idea that quality copywriters had come out in sympathy with their WGA bretheren.

Finally, in their commercials, MacDonalds are now pulling a Campbells and are inserting basic unmutable facts as selling points. In the case of Micky D's, it seems that they are proud to serve "USDA inspected beef". Awesome! Their burgers are made from meat that's at least pet food grade! What they would like us to think of is "USDA Prime", but show me prime beef that you can sell a 1/4 pound of (with bun and extras) for 99c and I'll show you what you thought was rabbit was cat (a long story involving my grandmother, the butcher's shop, World War II, rationing, and the lesson to never buy game without its head on).

Keep it special out there.


msdee said...

Funny stuff!

The Mole said...

Baby in bag?

Is he called Earnest? as in 'The Importance of Being Earnest'?

You did pay attention in school Mr B, did you not?

weasel said...

No, but she does have a literary name or two...