Monday, December 17, 2007


While I have a deep respect for their intellectual approach to metal I can't stand System of a Down's music, so I have never paid them much attention. This morning however I happened to turn to VH1 while eating breakfast and caught the video for "Empty Walls", the new solo effort by SoD's front man Serj Tankian:

Brilliant in so many ways.


mainelife said...

I was going to watch the video but I'm still stuck at 'WW watches VH1 while eating breakfast'.
Can I be any more uncool? I watched Ann Curry bungee jump this morning.

weasel said...

Normally its BBC news in the morning but George Aligiah was tediously reviewing GPS devices so I was flicking around...

Margaret Evans Porter said...

You actually saw a video on VH-1?


Wonder when they started up with that....?

weasel said...

I have to agree: videos on music television are as rare as hen's teeth.

That said, this is a wonderfully angry, infuriating, and cleansing anti-war song that took my quite by surprise. Not at all metally- well worth a watch.