Saturday, December 22, 2007

If Quebec Leaves, Maybe We Can Join Canada

Proof that the NFL Network is involved in some sort of intricate kick-back scheme with New England's bar owners:

Fans’ no-win scenario: Many in N.E. may miss record game

Because Time Warner are cheap and because the NFL Network is greedy, most Mainers (and Vermonters, New Hampshirites, and even some Massholes) aren't going to be able to see the final regular season Pats game on proper TV. If the Pats beat the Dolphins tomorrow the game against the Giants on the 27th might result in the first undefeated team since Miami in 1972 (and the most victories in the regular season by any team, ever). It won't be on TV up here however because the NFL took the game for its own fledgling network, a network that cable companies don't want to pay over the odds for (and nobody seems to be clamoring to watch most of the time- not even for shows featuring Andy Reid's parenting advice or contraception tips from Tom Brady).

I don't give a crap about the cable politics, nor do I particularly care to see Rich Eisen's fat and unfunny head on my TV screen on a regular basis. Like many up here, I would like to have the option to see each of the very few NFL games played each year during their pathetically short season. This is like when those asses on the Weather Channel stand with their heads in front of Maine on the map while discussing a big storm; we can't get any respect up here from the less rugged bits of American broadcasting (bass fishing shows? Check. Stuff we actually want to watch? Nope).

We don't have much else to sustain us- it is cold, dark, everything is covered in dirty, old crusted snow, and it is only December. Show the damn game, assholes.

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Mainecatwoman said...

The whole business is pathetic. I'd rather listen to it on radio than have to deal w/the idiotic NFL Network at this point, and I'm not a fan of Time Warner, either. In fact, I hate them.

But I do love my Red Sox on NESN. What's a person to do???

I'll be in NY over the New Year's weekend, and my friends have a dish, so I'm all set!!!