Sunday, November 11, 2007

A Demi-Snort

I was going to give the Sunday morning continuity announcer on Maine Public Radio both barrels this evening. However I just learned that there are actually such things as "Olympic -sized trampolines", as the bouncy discipline so beloved of 4th graders was recognized as an official event in 1999.

I will not refrain from calling him a pathetic gobshite arse-wrbling turd git who cannot pronounce the word furniture* for his use of the phrase "courtly wisdom" to describe UMaine basketball coach and sapphic fashion plate Cindy Blodgett. I'm not sure if was meant as a pun or as an attempt at higher poetic truth, but it did make me spit a mouthful of tea onto my breakfast plate.

In other news, I'm off on me hols as of Tuesday: two weeks in lovely Sarasota, Florida. Its where the circus folk spend the off-season. Fingers crossed I don't get abducted by clowns.

*(It is not, and never has been "fhur-nut-choooor", you mush-mouthed arse-head).


country mouse said...

I do believe he said "courtly wizardry". Even geekier than you thought!

weasel said...

Damn, you are right. What a spod.