Wednesday, October 17, 2007


October 17, 2004. Down 3-0 in the American League Championship Series, facing a sweep by the New York Yankees. Destroyed 19-8 in game 3, and down 4-3 going into the 9th. Kevin Millar walks. Dave Roberts comes into pinch run. Bill Mueller at the plate; first pitch, Roberts steals second. Mueller singles, Roberts scores, game tied. As shown above, David Ortiz smashes a 2-run homer in the 12th- Sox win and stop the bleeding.

They have done it before. They MUST do it again on Thursday. No matter how banged up, bruised, or bewilldered you are Boston, swing those frigging bats!

From the Boston Globe- On the edge of elimination


Joe said...

If only to keep the Cleveland fans from showing up in red face for yet another series....

mainelife said...

Agreed,Joe. Those painted faces are hideous.
anyway, THEY DID IT... Yee Haw. And now, I think they take the series.
BTW, Can you recommend a nice sports bar in Rockland for watching tomorrow night's game (we still don't have a TV).

Bill Norris said...

You sir, have a task awaiting you.

weasel said...

Joe- agreed, unbelievable. Did you see the link to the Salon story from Jamie in the post below?

ML- try the Black Bull; rowsy-ish bar side, and more genteel tables on the restaurant side. I'd join you but Bill set me a challenge. Actually, if you do make it out- drop me an email at my blog name at hot mail and I'll send you my cell number. I might be able to slip out for a pint and be able to the meet the pair of youse.