Tuesday, August 14, 2007

This Has a Crushing Inevitability About It

When one reads the words "sheep act" in connection with my spiritual homeland of Norfolk one fears the worst. Luckily this story is not about a bunch of perverted Jethros doing some illicit smock-lifting around some ovine hindparts, but rather about Farmer Barnes's performing sheep:

Disease alert leaves farmer stuck
A Norfolk farmer whose performing sheep were to appear at an Aberdeenshire show has been stranded miles from home due to the foot-and-mouth disease alert..... The 35-year-old, who tours the UK with his Sheep Show, is living out of his lorry while his sheep graze nearby.

he Sheep Show - an act which introduces nine different breeds to the audience and finishes in a "sheep shuffle" dance - had been due to perform at Turriff's agricultural show on 4 and 5 August. However, Mr Barnes arrived on the same day that foot-and-mouth was discovered on a farm near Guildford in Surrey.

He and his flock were moved away from the public and the show went ahead without live stock....(the full BBC story)

The only thing Norfolk people like better than performing sheep is juggling turkeys. Or perhaps formation motorcycling sugar beets, at a pinch. I am glad to read that our passion for theatrical live stock and produce appears to be catching on across Britain.

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mainelife said...

British culture is so much more refined than we're used to in America. A\