Wednesday, July 11, 2007

A Line In The Sand

A Cake (for illustrative purposes)

From the BBC, last week:

Woman runner-up in one-horse race
A grandmother won second prize in a cake-baking contest at a fete, only to discover she was the only entrant.

Jenny Brown, 62, entered her Victoria Sponge into the competition and was initially pleased to have come second. But she was left shocked when a friend revealed to her that she was the only person to take part.

The contest was organised by the Wimblington Sports Committee and judges marked down the cake because it had indentations from a wire rack...(the rest)"

The picture that accompanies the article is priceless:

Second place? Quite right. It is good to see that in this day and age someone is keeping up standards- the cake did not deserve first place, with its unsightly rack marks, so second place it is. Hold the line, Middle England! Hold to standards!

Dear me.


msdee said...

Aw poor grandma:(
Those are some mean judges. Would it have killed them to give her first place!? Friggin wire rack indentations kills it every time.
The picture caption should say,"My last chance to prove I could make my mark in this world was sabotaged. I'll have to think of something else,maybe a next time I'll bake a pie ,no wire rack indentations either!!!"
Whoa I really got into character there I would have kept going too.
What's wrong with me?

mike said...

This is fantastic.

Margaret Evans Porter said...

It's quite wonderful, but in my view its the fact of those 3rd place scones that makes this tale truly classic.

The Quoibler said...

I think granny is plotting what she'd like to do with those wire racks... Judges, watch out!

SkookumJoe said...

as children we were beaten for leaving rack marks in the cake, and rightly so.

weasel said...

My dad once won a potato crisp eating contest- first, prize was a box of potato crisps.

I note with interest that poor Milton Bearden drew no response but everyone felt complelled by the cakes. I shall inform my superiors accordingly.

youthlarge said...

"About 11 years ago I entered a show with some fruit scones. I was the only entrant but I came third." WTF???? poor granny.