Wednesday, June 20, 2007


From the BBC:

Flushed bra causes sewer collapse
"A bra and a pair of knickers have been blamed for a flood and road collapse in County Durham."

Indeed. We have all had those moments when the old underpants gave way under the strain of an over exuberant toot (to put it discreetly) and they had to disappear sharpish. But sending them to sleep with the fishes? And what kind of vile disaster befalls a lady to make her want- nay, need- to flush her brassiere? From what the missus tells me, good ones aren't cheap.

This might be my favourite bit:

"When we dug down to inspect the damage, we found a bra and knickers had snagged itself across the nine-inch diameter of the pipe. There was also a heavy build-up of grease and fat, which contributed to the situation. We were forced to repair a 2m section of sewer and a 10m section of road was affected. These pipes are not designed to carry bras and knickers."

"These pipes are not designed to carry bras and knickers". Words to live by.


John Brissenden said...

Or a heavy buildup of fanny batter, evidently.

Jim Degerstrom said...

Alternate scenario: Perhaps the wife returned early from work "Honey, I'm home!", and the chap was busy in the loo "I flushed 3 times now I'm working the plunger... be right there after another flush or two" as he disposed of his exotic daytime attire.

weasel said...

Indeed- all manner of saucy kinkyness (or John, kinky sauce) could well be the order of the day behind the demure lace curtains of Durham.

I swear as I get older life takes on more aspects of a Ray Cooney farce every day.