Wednesday, May 16, 2007

The Blues and (Not) Royals


"Prince Harry not to serve in Iraq
Ministry of Defense says deployment too dangerous for 3rd in line to throne... Insurgent groups looking to target Cornet Wales — as his rank is called in the Blues and Royals regiment — would have had a concentrated area in which to look for him."

Meanwhile Private Nobby Crabbes of C "Wumbutu Gorge" Company, the Royal Angle-Iron Rgt (pictured below), eagerly awaits the results of his DNA test he is convinced will prove he is 60 millionth in line for the throne and thus exempt from Iraq service.


Mondale said...

No life should be wasted or even highlighted as more important than any other. It's a bugger that the royal ginger one will draw fire upon his men.

weasel said...

Indeed- as opposed to their general presence in the middle of a sectarian civil war, which almost acts like spiritual kevlar.

The poor little thickie just want to to shoot his gun and shout "OK yah" at the Basra Mess bar over a pitcher of Drambuie. Bloody insurgents had to go and ruin everything.

Mondale said...

Yeah, but yeah, but. They know what he looks like because they've seen pictures of him dressed up as Hitler.
Anyway, I can't waste my time on such monarchist hoo haa.