Tuesday, April 03, 2007

A Tough Assignment

Apparently letting off steam by humping a building. It all changed after I cut my hair.

Those of you playing along at home may be aware that the missus and I are expecting our first child in a few weeks. In preparation for said event, Country Mouse and I attended our inaugural birthing class last night. Its an excellent approach Country Mouse has selected: one approaches labour as if one were training for a marathon instead of an ultimate fighting bout. Very clever I must say, and despite my innate skepticism about everything I was favourably impressed.

There was one slight problem however. During the bit where we were supposed to relax and visualize positive thingies, the teacher instructed us to let go all our "fear, anger, and frustrations".

What? And lose the three motors that compel me to get out of bed in the morning? Are you mad?


msdee said...

I'm hoping that the delivery goes easy:)

You're Weasel
She's country Mouse
What about the baby?

Jim said...

Even though it was 23 years ago, I remember my classes, preparing for the birth of baby Mark, like it was yesterday.

I thought, how quaint--I'll coach her and help her with the breathing and everything will go royally.

Obviously, ignorant about the particulars of birth from the woman's perspective, I was unprepared for being told in no uncertain terms (edited for family content) to basically get the heck out and to shut the bleep up.

It did seem fine in theory.

In all seriousness, I'm thrilled for you and CM and I echo Ms. Dee's sentiments for an easy delivery with no complications.

There's nothing like the experience, IMHO,particularly when you first hold the little one.

Listmaker said...

the teacher instructed us to let go all our "fear, anger, and frustrations".

weird - that is what the scientology tour guide told me during our visit there last summer while in l.a.

RPS said...

Instead of f, a, and fr, I wish you (via this relic from the 60s): love, peace, and happiness.

(With a new baby in the house, if you’re lucky, you will get at least 2 out of 3.)

Clockwatcher said...

Okay, the joy and trepidation of the impending birth is obviously the purpose of this entry. However, am I the only one to notice that you look like Carrot Top??!! ha!

weasel said...

I miss my mullet.

SkookumJoe said...

most people overlook the value of a deep seated dense ball of rage kept well down inside and protected like the fire in Quest for Fire, a movie about a quest for some fire.

Anonymous said...

From BioChris
My wife had such little faith in my potential to help during the birth, she invited our birthing coach who actually attended. Somewhat related: in the hosptial sponsored birth/parenting class, we had a father that wore a sidearm! Only in Maine.

weasel said...

Was he going to shoot the baby out of the "gov'mint's" hands? Tghe mind boggles.

And I always get "The Quest for Fire" mixed up with "Lust for Life".