Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Terms for Bill

(via Geen Comix)

Ah, the sweet taste of victory! The Read Sox sweep the Yankees at home for the first time in 17 years, which means Mr. Bill Norris has to pay up under the terms of our ongoing humiliation bet on the outcome of Boston/New York baseball battles.

Seeing as it was the first sweep in 17 years, my initial thoughts had something to do with making Bill time-travel back to 1990 (his senior year in high school, I think) and dressing like a member of Jesus Jones for a week. But that might have proved a tad excessive, and compliance would be difficult to verify.

Instead I have decided to take a jujitsu approach and use Bill's own strengths against him. Bill is a great writer on music, and is adept at squirreling out interesting and obscure bands for a feature he calls "What I am Listening To Wednesday". Well, next week I want "What I Am Listening To Wednesday" to be all uncritical reports on songs performed by Boston's rather unfortunate white boy ska movement and also its sub-Pogues shouty Irish punk-folk scene.

The Mighty, Mighty Billtone will be flogging his molly, and no mistake.


Joe said...

I like it!

Bill Norris said...

I like it too. God this is going to be painful.

weasel said...

Look at it this way Bill: this will be something to hold onto and cherish long after April-Rod quits hitting long bombs and starts sulking again (scheduled annually for around the 1st of August).