Wednesday, April 25, 2007


Hey! That's the cool new bridge!

I was flicking through a purloined copy of Down East magazine this weekend when I ran across a great story on a new online comic strip. The strip, drawn by Canadian artist Ted Bastien, tells the story of a town in Maine used to resettle aliens who came to earth via Roswell and other such spots. What is cool about it for a former Hancock County resident and regular Route 1 driver like myself is that rather than invent a fictional locale, Bastien has taken over the mill town of Bucksport, renaming it "Bugsport" and populating it with grey skinned aliens (rather than grey skinned paper mill workers and other-worldy drinkers at Toziers II*). Read along here. The strip may be of limited interest to the non-Mainer but I thought I'd give my fellow Pine Tree Staters a chance to have a look and exclaim "Oh look, Fort Knox!" or "Hey! I know that book shop!".

*After 12 years in this state I still have no idea what happened to Toziers I. And it bugs me every time I drive by that Toziers II flies its blaze-orange MGD 'Welcome Hunters' banner year-round. Scoping out the nasty overtanned wives of your fellow fat drunken Bucksport oafs is not hunting, jackass.


msdee said...

How is it that you make Maine sound so interesting?

weasel said...

This place makes it easy: it is interesting. This map isn't real, you know....