Sunday, March 11, 2007


I'm sad that the members of The Jam are so short on cash that they are allowing Cadillac to use Start to advertise ugly repub-mobiles driven by self-satisfied tosspots, and that they let them use the song without lyrics apart from the chorus.

I'm happy that my father-in-law, who came to visit Friday, gave me a great line for future use. We were discussing both the iminent arrival of David Beckham and the post-Downing Street US lecture circuit possibilities for Tony Blair. I mentioned how funny it would be if they teamed up to do a speech together, at which point father-in-law observed that the poster tagline should read "One has balls, one doesn't".

That is all.


SkookumJoe said...

I can't count the number of times my father-in-law and I have discussed sport celebrities and global politics, generating pithy one-liners the whole way, as that's never happened.

msdee said...

I HATE when good songs are used for advertisements!