Sunday, February 18, 2007

At Least It Wasn't "Bigger Than Jesus"

Gandhi searches for Madonna's sense of proportion

According to the BBC, Madonna Wants To Be 'Like Gandhi

In related news, Cyndi Lauper has expressed a desire to emulate Jawaharlal Nehru, while Toni Basil is taking steps to follow in the career of Muhammad Ali Jinnah.

(Yes, I know I've swtiched to the new blogger despite previous protests, but like Robert Peel I can accept change once it has finally been shown to work)


Anonymous said...

Is it coincidental that all of these women are 80's music icons? Well not so much Tony Basil, she just had that "Hey Mickey!" song.

It wouldnt be a bad thing if these women REALLY wanted to make a difference it's admireable but I don't think Ghandi would arrive onstage on a crucifix.

Another thing, aren't there any women that these women want to emulate or is that slim pickin's

weasel said...

It is soo spookily coincidental than one might even think that the last two were made up to provide humorous over-emphasis in order to highlight how insane Madonna was being. Or not.

Gandhi would never have allowed himself to be crucified as although the knky old devil might of enjoyed it he feared his arms were too weak to take the strain.

Also, take heart in knowing that the gender switch works both ways: Thomas Dolby for example aspires to be like former Bangladeshi Prime Minister Khaleda Zia every day.

Wes said...

"We all need to be Jesus"
Hmm, I need to be god. Does that make me better than Madonna?

Anonymous said...

OR we all need to be like Jesus.
Wes wanting to be God comes with a lot of responsibility Ha! With power comes responsibility, I guess that would make you better than Madonna because Madonna means mother of God, (I think)

weasel said...

You can all be like Jesus if you want but I'm not growing a beard, I'm comuting by donkey, and I'm not waiting 1,950 years for the invention of the half decent shower.

Anonymous said...

Commuting by donkey or NYC buses they both go about the same speed so I could totally do donkey....that sounded wrong but you know what I mean