Sunday, January 07, 2007

Get In On The Ground Floor....

Plays 'Hunka Hunka Burnin' Baghdad'

Do you own a cellphone with camera or streaming video technology?

You do???

You lucky bugger!

Forget about polyphonic ring tones or whatever and all that bother; that's soooooooooo 2006. You have one of them nice phones mate, with the pictures and the video and all. You don't need sounds when your phone rings, you need:


And what is the most talked about series of images of our short year so far?

No, not those shots of Brittney's hoohaah. Or Howie Mandel lying on his side smiling, as we call them in these parts. Here's a clue: even world leaders are a-talkin' about them. Everyone thinks they are a bit iffy.

Got it yet?

Nice work genius- yep, it's

The hanging of Saddam Hussein!!!

Say no to ring tones, and instead download a:


By the envy of your friends and be the first on the block to be alerted to incoming calls with video of the botched and barbaric dangling of a despot!

(First ten subscribers get a free bonus selection of personal voicemail notifiers: choose from Saddam's guards shouting "kick those feet, you sunni pig!" or any track from the Clash's Give 'Em Enough Rope).

Only $2 a download; don't delay....


Debbie said...

You're too much!!:)
Did you come up with swing tones? That made me laugh out loud.

weasel said...

All my own work, although I do stand on the shoulders of giants.

SkookumJoe said...

oi! you calling howie mandel a cunt-face? He shaved his head didn't he? Yeah I can see that...