Thursday, December 21, 2006

Yet More Blighty

Yum, great Thai last night, and now a very atmospheric day with freezing fog swirling around outside. We change horses today and head over to my dad's on the other side of town but first, Monday's pics; out of the city and into the almost buccolic confines of St Albans:

Inside the abbey where mum and Mark were married

And the outside with a pair of tourists ruining the view.

Mum and Mark, watching us watching them watching us and so on.

Into the heart of the Roman bit of town, now a park.

These birds have become conditioned to aggressively beg from anyone who passes, likes Scotsmen in London. No evidence of the old purple tin among the ducks, however.

Or what? The constable will give you a jolly stern ticking off?

Tune in next time for the British Museum and all that...

1 comment:

Mike said...

Sweet. We'll be over in June for a massive reunion. PIMMs and Subbuteo all 'round!