Wednesday, December 13, 2006


Bill Norris state's that "The only holiday song (he) can really enjoy" is Father Christmas by the Kinks (also known reverently in this house as the "Modfathers"). As much as I respect Bill and the Muswell Hillbillies, in this instance I see his Kinks and raise him one Slade:

I believe that woman in the front row might be waving a smurf: one of the first sightings of such in the UK at that time. She must have just been to Belgium on holiday. That song is as old as me, and yet I guarantee that I will be dancing to it with abandon if (and the odds of this are good) I hear it on holiday in England next week.

And for those of you philistines who think Quiet frigging Riot did it first, here is some archeological proof (assisted by Dave Hill wearing a pharoah hat) that "Cum On Feel The Noize" should be the British national anthem:

Where does the beard stop and the sideburns start? Mama, it's crazee now! And where can one find a matching top hat and vest?

And for those of you looking for something even more bombastic, might I offer up my unabashed love of Mariah on this one?

If that doesn't redeem the concept of Phil Spector (versus redeeming the man himself) I don't know what will.

Merry Cirmble, chums.

UPDATE: I no longer think that is a smurf. Maybe it is a Mr. Bump doll. It is going to drive me nuts. Also, Noddy Holder, lead singer of Slade, looks a little like Mondale in a curly wig.


Bill Norris said...

If that was the Christmas Number 2 on Top of the Pops in '73, what was number one?

Dave Hill looks like someone Peter Jackson had to have forcibly ejected form the Lord of the Rings set. And, sentimental value aside, that is one god awful song. Awful.

And, of course, I'm sure you recall that Mariah was once seen canoodling with the Yankeen shortstop...

Mondale said...

Weasel, thank you for bring SLade to the attention of our american chums. I do beleive you'll note that they were #1 the day i was born, March 23, 1973 with the classic 'Cum on feel the noize'. Also, one of my university tutors went out with Noddy Holder in birmingham in the mid 60s.

weasel said...

The ol' BBC graphics department strikes again: this clip is from Top of the Pops 2, wherein (I believe, I left before it's run started) mega hits from previous years were re-packaged for fun an jolity. Thus the mighty Slade were not #2, but #1 (and were #1 another 6 times with this very song over the decades). God, that sounds really pedantic on my part, doesn't it?

As for Mariah, some women are attracted to trash.

Mondale, if you had been a few days later you would have been born to the sounds of Donny Osmond singing "The 12th of Never". As for me, it was 10cc with "Rubber Bullets". I hate Godley and Creme.

Anonymous said...

Mondale says....TOTP2 did indeed entertain us from the mid nineties onwards with it's winning combination of no visible presenter (remember Simon Bates??), classic videos from the late 50's onwards up to some of the latest hits.

It was brilliantly located within the schedules at teatime on Wednesday or Tuesdays. There's nothing the average British family likes more than cross generational bickering about Herman's Hermits or revisionist theories about Marc Knopfler.

Rikki said...

You're going glam, eh? You're really gonna do it? Damn you. Damn you to hell and back. What I'm about to tell you could get me killed ... but I cannot hold back.

Did Quiet Riot ever truly rock other than by recasting the genius of Slade? Cum on feel the noize, m ... Muh-muh-muh-my Mama, we're all cray-zee na-how! etc.

And yet, QR never sunk low enough to bastardize Slade's finest material, as captured by the lyrics: "If you've got a crush, don't be an octopus ... see chameleon, lyin' there in the sun. All thanks to everyone ..."

Now go on ... Run Run Away.

Rikki said...

Aint got nuthin on Slade

Weasel's Cuzzen Jim said...

Do I get any extra points for being born during a Slade number one?

....and no gags about Noddy popping out for a tinkle.

youthlarge said...

The Hecklers doing Bill Norris' favorite holiday song.