Wednesday, November 22, 2006

Where there is discord, may we bring harmony

Happy Thatcher Day
16 years since they pulled down our statue in the square. Crikey.


Jim said...

Very appropriate, given Lady Thatcher's turkey jowls and all. BTW, did you exhume her corpse for the photo?

Happy Thanksgiving to the Weasel family and all the merry band.


Margaret Evans Porter said...

You're giving me bad flashbacks.

If I recall correctly, I was here in Blighty on the day she fell. We've wondered whether Blair would outlast our time here, but all seems quiet on the Cash for Peerages front. The radiated late Russian spy is the topic du jour.

Mondale said...

Why isn't she dead yet?

weasel said...

The hanging is on hold as a death sentence is automatically appealed and she also has to stand trial for the Kurdish thing. Or is that Saddam on the hook for those?