Tuesday, November 07, 2006

Happy Election Day!

As Mr. Norris reminds us (with eloquent help from Keith Olbermann) all you septics over 18 should probably go and vote today. If you don't want to vote for own piece of mind, do it for me, your friendly vote-less resident alien here. For those of you interested in midcoast Maine endorsements, my pal Rick at Arguably So is most in tune with my sentiments.

And in order to put down a marker should we need to expand on this and other stories of intimidation and fraud post election, here are the initial, still-evolving stories about glitches, hitches, and more sinister forces at work.

Meanwhile, if you are still undecided let me offer up this ad that might help sway you:


Rikki said...

Thanks for the shout out. I just now posted thoughts on the Governor's race. So, if anyone is still undecided and has about 4-5 hours to peruse all the links, I hope the break-down helps.

Incidentally, the Rockland Police Department had some kind of a P.R. effort underway at the polls today. They asked stuff about how citizens feel about their performance generally, whether we feel safe, whether enough is being done to combat drug crimes, and what if anything we believe requires greater policing than the present.

I think I ran out of space in the margins for my comments.

iza said...

Happy Voting and Election.!

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weasel said...

Oh, that's harsh: anti-cancer spam.