Monday, November 20, 2006

Be The Bond

Damn you Cubby Broccoli, you and your successors got me again. Just when I thought I was out after the mess that was Die Another Day, you drag me back in. Casino Royale was the 9th official Bond movie I've watched in the theatre out of the 10 released since 1981 (I skipped GoldenEye then regretted breaking the streak: pennance perhaps for having gone to see the unofficial Never Say Never Again) and I loved almost every minute of it. Somehow it managed to seem grittier, realer, and yet also still completely over the top.

I confess my car is no Aston Martin DB7, but I did leave the theatre with more pressure on the gas pedal than when I arrived.

Be the Bond.


Mondale said...

4 of those Bonds are about to kill evil commies, one is looking all romantic and the new one is at a children's charity benefit.

Listmaker said...

i haven't seen a bond flick since a view to a kill. i tried to see casino royale yesterday but was thwarted in the attempt.

weasel said...

Gentlemen; Bond would not care in which context he was photographed, as long as he looked purposeful. Nor would he have been stymied en route to the cinema.

Shave those teacherly faces, roll those shoulders back, and be the Bond, gentlemen. Be the Bond.

Rikki said...

I awaited relief in the childcare dept. to see if I could take you up on the offer to join. No relief, and no waking up from the post Pats game slumber on the couch, fed in part by an ill-advised early morning of foosball and irish whiskey with the Canadian neighbors. In the words of an early vintage Connery, "I must be dreaming ..."

weasel said...

As soon as the Jamesons came out on Saturday night I knew I had to bail if I was to see through my ultimate mission of sitting through Casino Royale.