Monday, November 13, 2006

Answers in Metric Are Acceptable

I have a question for the Canadian visitors to this blog:

Is creton delicious or disgusting?

I had never heard of the delicacy before about 20 minutes ago, at which time I saw an empty container in the dish drainer at work. Now my interest is piqued.

I have enjoyed every distinctly Canadian dish I have had the good fortune to try on my various trips to the north. Poutine, rappie pie, plank salmon, fried cod tongues: I have liked them all, and as a member of the highly non-exclusive Nova Scotian L'Ordre de Bon-Temps I feel like I should at least try everything Canadian that is brought to my attention.

But creton? Spreadable breakfast pork?

Convice me, commonwealth cousins. Chase away the squeamishness with tales of deliciousness.


Mondale said...

spreadable breakfast pork?
I want to know more.

weasel said...

I'm thinking that this might be a great investigation for the Park Slope Gastronome ladies. After all, creton may be nothing more than spreadable bacon.

Bill Norris said...

Mondale took the words right out of my, um, mouth.

Spreadable pig? What, possibly, could be better than peanut butter and pork spread on toast?

Weasel's little bruva said...

Is that the same idea as Shiphams Beef paste or Potted Beef?

weasel said...

I wonder if you can get spray creton? Or Bill, pre-mixed creton and peanut butter like the Goober Grape PBJ stuff?

Bruv; I know it is purely arbitrary but spreadable beef just seems more paletable than spreadable pork. Maybe a combination of the two (from the lovely Princes company) would do the trick?

Joe said...

I'm not a Canadian, but I've enjoyed the delicacy known as Creton.

Think devilled ham. Only better.

Bill Norris said...

No, the goober grape thing is wrong. The PB and J is all about proportions and those vary from person to person.

The premix doesn't work for me.

med school mama said...

why on earth would want to eat a child with low thyroid? i thought you were a vegetarian giant.

weasel said...

Country Mouse is the veggie so spreadable pork would have to wait until one of the weekends she is out of town (MSM- she's overdue going to see you in Raymond (ain't that where youse all is?). She has been away on a film shoot for the past two weekends and so as a consequence our house has looked like a branch of Dewhurst's.

Rikki said...

Just this side of Finnan Haddie ... essentially, a lump of over-smoked fishmush.

Mike said...

As an actual Canadien (yes, "e") I had to run and post my first ever comment to a blog. Yes, it's good (well...). Yes, they even make a veggie version. Yes, it's best served at a sugaring-off to the West of those cultured places like MTL or QBC covered in 'sirop d'erable'.
However, I was also raised on vegemite (still in the cupboards - thanks dad!) so my opinion should be altered accordingly.
Just because us "funny XTREME!-Northerners" are honest and don't hide behind the guise of such terms of "spam" doesn't mean we still don't relish a fine 'SPP'.

Wes said...

I'm a bad Canadian— I've never had creton. However, as a kid I loved a braunsweiger sandwich on a cold winter day in Ontario.