Friday, October 06, 2006

Werner Von Braun: get on your dancing shoes, there's one thing on your mind

I was listening to NPR on my way to work this morning and heard a non-proliferation chappie describe nuclear disarmament as "not rocket science".

Isn't it just a little bit though?

While on the subject of popular phrases and terminology, the BBC reports that a new dictionary of contemporary slang is coming out (and it is apparently for teachers, by the look of the publisher's website). If anyone is thinking this early about Christmas presents, I'd love a copy of I Smirt, You Stooze, They Krump.

Although I suspect it is a manufactured top-down rather than organically created bottom-up word I'm a fan of celebutard, which according to the Beeb is "A blend of celebrity, debutante and retard - would be used to describe a celebrity noted for displays of stupidity."

We are a smart bunch in this corner of the blogosphere: we should be able to come up some doozies* ourselves, don't you think?

(*Another manufactured word, from Duesenberg, the fantastically elegant car marque from the twenties & thirties)

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